Fashion Designers

We focus on providing our customers with a good balance of design, quality and price, by offering them affordable high quality industrial made clothing that fits into their cool and adventurous lives.

We create clothing for men who are interested in acquiring a wardrobe based on problem solving; finding something cool that fits into their everyday lives. Which is the main reason why the Lindbergh brand is represented by three labels : The Black, The Red The Blue & The White Label.

Miguel Wilson is an international fashion designer with showrooms in Atlanta, Miami, and D.C.  Over the last 20 years, many celebrities, Athelete’s and business leaders have been clients of Miguel Wilson Collection. In 2011, Miguel created Miguel Wilson Wedding Collection, with the tag line “Because It’s His Day Too!”  His wedding collection has been worn all over the world. Todd Tucker, Peter Thomas, Will Packer and Joseph Morgan are few celebrities that have worn his wedding collection on their big day.

Today Miguel is working on a new showroom in Phipps Plaza, a new online wedding collection, and a reality tv show called “Because It’s His Day Too!”

ShevonZ is a unique design which concepts is an interception of interior and fashion.The designs are made with high quality fabrics redefining Its unique Concepts.

The brand also has a denim rebranded line which is one of our custom top seller.

Where Pop art and High fashion meets the Muslim woman’s closet. Hijabi Pop is a lifestyle brand designed with the Muslim woman in mind. The concept behind Hijabi Pop is to promote Islamic-appropriate dress, modest fashion options, and pride in the Hijabi identity while integrating Islam into a contemporary way of life without constraint by erroneous cultural interpretations of Muslim women’s equality and rights.”
Upscale Consignment Boutique with three Atlanta locations and online. From Gap to Gucci, all stunning style!
Girls& Curves Boutique Collection introduce styles with different patterns with shapes and colors. Every unique piece we provide, brings life and a glow to us beautiful ladies around the world. Lets Make A Statement

The Weave Machine is a new hair company that specializes in the delivery of virgin hair within 24 hours or less of your order if the resident lives within a 30-mile radius of Atlanta. The Weave Machine does not believe in waiting a week or more for your bundles when the customer’s payment doesn’t take a week to clear. It makes planning on the customer’s end a lot easier and it helps us build morale. The brand caters to a variety of different women: the boss who is on the go, the ambitious student with little time to waste, and the hustler woman trying to find her way. The brand has also coined the hashtag, “#thewaitisover” which not only symbolizes the speedy delivery, but it is meant to motivate women to be fearless and step into her own powers. Hair is an extension of a woman’s beauty, prowess, and strength whether it’s long, short, curly, straight, or wavy. With the help of their Mink Brazilian Straight, Body Wave, and Water Wave textures the brand encourages all women to unleash their inner beast.

I am Dr. Annette Lyons the owner and designer of Chula Couture Fashions. I am a veteran teacher of 20 years. I currently teach in Atlanta Public Schools. Teaching is my passion and designing clothes is my joy. I am a veteran SSG U.S. Army. I am a mother of 4 wonderful children. I am driven and feel I can do anything I put my mind to. I love sewing. I don’t use pattern. I also teach sewing to my 5th grade students in APS. I also make jewelry and bags. I love everything about fashion. I am grateful for the opportunity! #designerlife