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The Atlanta Fashion Designers Fashion Show Sponsors

The Atlanta Fashion Designers Fashion Show allows exposure of sponsors brand and to partner with the Atlanta Fashion Designers Fashion through out the event. Sponsors would receive promotion to our large audience and would be allowed to market at our event. The #AFDFS# has put together a list of sponsors package together to best meet desired sponsors. The form below should be filled out and one of the Atlanta Fashion Designers team will be in touch with you.

Sponsors Package

• Apparel/Accessories
• Hospitality: Restaurant/pastries
• Automotive
• Beauty: Haircare/Make-up/Skincare
• Beverage: Soda/Water/Energy Drink
• Nightlife:Club/Lounge
• Entertainment: Dancers/Film/Music
• Financial: Bank
• Lifestyle: Spa/Fitness
• Liquor: Wine/Spirit
• Travel: Hotel/Airfare

Sponsors Registration

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